Caution! You are investing outside of AFM supervision. No licensing requirement for this activity.
Hofparken Verkoop
Hofparken Verkoop
Hofparken Verkoop
Hofparken Verkoop


Temporary action: De Binnenhaven
Benefit from a fixed (net) return of 5.5% for the first 3 years

Like other providers of recreational real estate, MarinaParken is required to include a statement with ‘You are investing outside of AFM supervision’. In the Netherlands it is legally required to have an AFM license when investments are offered. However, this permit is not necessary if an exemption applies. This exemption applies, for example, to investment objects with a value higher than €100,000.

Why the AFM banner?

The holiday villas that MarinaParken offers as an investment object often fall outside the licensing requirement, because they cost more than €100,000. In this case, we are legally obliged to show the information in our advertisements.

More information about the AFM's exemption statement can be found here.

What does AFM stand for?

AFM stands for: Authority for the Financial Markets. The AFM supervises the financial markets, which includes savings, investments, insurance and loans. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets monitors that there is confidence in the financial markets and that the market operates in a fair and clear manner.

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