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Buy a chalet

Buy a chalet in the Netherlands

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Benefit from a fixed (net) return of 5.5% for the first 3 years
  • Attractive yield
  • Fixed underlying value
  • Luxurious chalet as a second home

Investing in a chalet in the Netherlands

Real estate has always been a popular form of investment. Especially in times when bank savings are no longer rewarding and many other investment vehicles are very volatile. Real estate is becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true of recreational real estate. Therefore, buying a chalet is becoming a serious option for a growing number of people. When you consider buying a chalet, you might be thinking of a cozy, if somewhat dated, holiday home abroad. However, there is another way. In fact, you can buy a chalet in the Netherlands. Discover Hofparken's beautiful, luxury, and sustainable chalets. Chalets to enjoy and also to earn a profit from.

Investing in unique countryside locations

It is certainly possible to buy a chalet in the Netherlands. Please think about where you would like to buy a holiday chalet. This type of recreational home is best seen in a green, wide-open setting. From that point of view, buying a chalet in Gelderland or Overijssel is especially interesting. When you buy a chalet, you obviously have the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest for yourself. But, naturally, you also want to take advantage of a great return. For this reason, it is especially pleasant to buy a holiday home in one of the most popular holiday regions of the Netherlands. Not only domestic tourists are finding their way to the Achterhoek; the number of foreign tourists is also growing steadily. This presents interesting prospects for you as a future owner of a luxury chalet.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Completely without use of gas
  • With solar panels and a heat pump
  • For private use or renting out
  • Limited risk
  • Everything completely taken care of when letting

Buying a chalet? Quite timely

We previously wrote that many people have a certain image of a chalet and may not think of this as their first consideration. Buying a holiday home at Hofparken breaks from this notion. Of course, at Hofparken you can invest in charming and attractive chalets, but totally contemporary. So with beautiful architecture, equipped with every luxury, and with a sustainable character. The latter may become increasingly important for you, but certainly also for tourists looking to rent a holiday home. The real estate market is becoming increasingly heated, putting pressure on returns. However, this is not the case with recreational properties. In fact, the demand for renting holiday homes is ever increasing. More and more tourists are exchanging the traditional campsite or hotel for a lovely holiday home.


Our chalets for sale in the Netherlands

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