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Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing at Hofparken

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Benefit from a fixed (net) return of 5.5% for the first 3 years
  • Sustainable holiday homes
  • Wise investment with few risks
  • Future-proof investment
  • Green holiday parks

Sustainability as a core value

Investing in sustainable recreational real estate has many advantages. At Hofparken, the term sustainability is a core value reflected in the vision and mission of our organization. No meaningless term, in practice you can see how we work as sustainably as possible. First of all, in the way we develop our parks. Always in consultation with municipalities, provinces, but also local nature organizations, where we sit around the table together to ensure that our plans are in line with local and provincial wishes when it comes to conserving or expanding nature. A good example is our location Hofparken De Bergvennen, where we take into account the Natura 2000 regulations.

'The objective of all our vacation parks is to restore nature and offer our guests a pleasant and relaxing stay in one of our vacation parks in the middle of nature.'

Curious about what other steps toward sustainability Hofparken is taking? 

Our energy-neutral recreational homes:

The development of our Hofparken

Our vacation homes are built from sustainable materials, so of course they do not use gas and are equipped with solar panels and a heat pump. This makes the sustainable vacation homes (almost) self-sufficient in terms of power consumption and compliant with BENG requirements. Guests at our parks also see that we lend nature a helping hand: we take biodiversity into account in the construction and maintenance of our green spaces, and we encourage electric driving. You will find plenty of charging stations at all our parks. The vacation homes are properly insulated, very energy efficient, and all-electric: a large part of the required energy is generated with advanced Jinko Solar solar panels. And when it's cold outside, Termofol's '21st-century floor heating' ensures a comfortable indoor climate. This makes a vacation home at Hofparken a sound investment.

Discover at Hofparken:

  • Sustainable character
  • Innovative facilities
  • Space and privacy
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Spacious luxury
  • High-quality service
  • 365 days of tranquility

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Sustainable investments in the leisure sector

Why you should choose sustainable investments in the leisure sector? We hope we have already shown you some of the advantages on this website. As far as we are concerned, sustainability and leisure are a wonderful combination. Moreover, investing in 'our' sector comes with some nice extras and benefits. When purchasing a sustainable recreation home, you, first of all, have the great opportunity to benefit from these gems in nature yourself. Yet holidaymakers are also increasingly finding and appreciating these sustainable vacation homes. Our initial experience with the rental of vacation homes offers great opportunities for the future. No worries about the work involved in renting out your home. As a rental organization, Hofparken also takes care of everything and ensures complete and professional handling of the entire rental operation. From cleaning to maintenance, hospitality, and excellent service: Hofparken sets the bar high. With proven successful results. Questions about a sustainable investment at Hofparken?

What are the BENG requirements?

All new buildings in the Netherlands, including holiday homes, must be nearly energy neutral from January 2021. BENG stands for 'Bijna Energie Neutraal Gebouw' (Nearly Energy Neutral Building). Of course, our vacation homes also meet these requirements.

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