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Risks of investing

Risks of investing in recreational real estate

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  • Sustainable investing
  • Transparent

Transparent about the risks

Although Hofparken's efforts are aimed at minimizing risks and maximizing returns, every investment comes with risks. So too does the investment in recreational real estate. At Hofparken, we are transparent about the risks:

  • The timeline of a development may turn out differently than expected
  • The market demand can change
  • There may be an economic recession that also affects tourism
  • The letting of the accommodations can go poorly
  • The projected value increase can turn out to be lower

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Advantages of investing at Hofparken

Besides the risks, there are also many advantages of investing in a vacation home. Vacation homes in the Netherlands have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in the regions of Achterhoek and Twente. By investing in a vacation home in these regions, you have a great chance of a continuous return. In addition, you invest not only for the interesting return at Hofparken but also for your vacation enjoyment! Because you can use your home together with friends or family. And when you are not staying in the home, our professional rental organization takes care of all your worries. Now that's relaxed investing!

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