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Buying a vacation home in the Achterhoek

Buying a recreation home in the Achterhoek

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Benefit from a fixed (net) return of 5.5% for the first 3 years
  • Luxurious homes in Winterswijk
  • Surroundings with lots of nature
  • Fixed return

Buying a vacation home in the Achterhoek

The Achterhoek, a beautiful region in the east of The Netherlands, is known for its rustic landscapes, small towns, and hospitable communities. It is, therefore, not surprising that more and more people are discovering the charm of this region and are considering buying a vacation home there. Whether you are looking for a second house to enjoy your leisure time or as a stable investment for renting out, the Achterhoek has a lot to offer potential buyers. We, at Hofparken, know this all too well. Therefore, get acquainted with the vacation homes that are for sale at Park Wiltershaar in Winterswijk. Are you interested in buying a recreation home in the Achterhoek? Then contact one of our advisors or request our brochure.

Recreation homes for sale in the Achterhoek at Hofparken

An interesting investment

The Achterhoek in Gelderland has around 7 million tourists every year, both domestic and from abroad.  More and more tourists are choosing to book a vacation house instead of a campsite or hotel. Buying a vacation home in the Achterhoek is, therefore, considered an interesting investment. In particular the vacation parks from Hofparken, Wiltershaar in the Achterhoek, and De Bergvennen in Twente are among the most unique vacation parks in these regions due to their special location in nature and on the German border, the type of accommodations, and the abundance of nature at the parks. The parks have a very high occupancy rate.  Hofparken is working on beautiful projects, and purchasing a vacation house at one of these parks is expected to be rewarded with an appealing return. As the owner of a vacation home, you can benefit from this.

What makes Winterswijk so unique?

    Beautiful nature

    The region has vast nature with winding rivers and vast woods and pastures, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

    Historical charm

    The region also has a rich history with historic towns, such as Groenlo and Lichtenvoorde, with centuries–old buildings, such as the Jacobskerk.

    Tranquility and space

    The area surrounding our park in Winterswijk has a quiet and rural character, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    Hiking and bicycling

    The vacation parks are surrounded by many hiking and bicycling routes through the beautiful landscape, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the region.

The ideal vacation house for sale in the Achterhoek

All vacation homes at Hofparken are modern, sustainable, luxurious, and we offer you a wide variety. In our range, you will find vacation homes in various styles and sizes. From a beautifully, cozy tiny house to a single–family home that is equipped with all the luxury. If you want to buy a vacation house you are, of course, looking for an interesting investment opportunity; but how ideal is it if you also immediately purchase a home that you can enjoy yourself when you are not renting it out?

Are you interested in buying a vacation house in the Achterhoek? Then contact us.  On our website, you can get an impression of our parks and homes. You can also request a brochure without obligation in which we will tell you everything about the possibilities. Would you prefer to speak to an account manager? Then schedule an appointment. We are happy to take the time to tell you everything and answer your questions. A viewing of our projects is also possible upon request.

The advantages of your investment ⤵

  • Appealing yield
  • Limited risks
  • Long–term stability
  • Second home for recreational use
  • Fiscally appealing
  • Notarized process & your property
  • Competitive rates

Vacation park Wiltershaar is located here

Questions we received from interested parties

❖ Why should I invest in a vacation house in the Achterhoek?

Investing in a vacation house in the Achterhoek near Hofparken can be appealing because of the high return through rental income and good occupancy rate. It can also provide diversification of your investment portfolio and tax advantages, such as deductions for mortgage interest and maintenance costs. In addition, as the owner of a vacation house in the Achterhoek, you can also enjoy the home for your own recreation or as a second home.

❖ How sustainable are the vacation homes at Hofparken?

When building our vacation homes, we use sustainable materials, they are free of gas, and equipped with solar panels and a heat pump. This makes the vacation homes (almost) self–sufficient in terms of electricity usage. We also contribute to nature at our vacation parks by taking biodiversity into account, we encourage electric driving, and we take landscaping into account during construction and maintenance.

❖ What are the recreation possibilities around Park Wiltershaar?

The park is located in the town of Winterswijk. There is a lot of nature in this area; perfect for hiking and bicycling trips.  The area around Winterswijk has even been designated as a National Landscape due to its unique geological features. For example, you will also find the Winterswijk Stone Pit here. Here, you can find fossils of animals that lived more than 240 million years ago; from the time of the dinosaurs. The stone pit is therefore an important site for scientific research. Winterswijk is, of course, also close to the German border, so the area has a rich history of border trade and cultural exchange. So there are plenty of recreational possibilities in the area.

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