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Buy a vacation rental Gelderland
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Benefit from a fixed (net) return of 5.5% for the first 3 years
  • Luxury and sustainable holiday homes
  • Nature, tranquility and space
  • Modern facilities
  • In the beautiful Achterhoek area

Buying a vacation home at Hofparken

An investment is, of course, aimed at a good return. Buying a vacation home at Hofparken Wiltershaar in Gelderland can make this happen. In recent years, recreational real estate has become increasingly popular, and buying a vacation home in Gelderland therefore means that you are investing in a popular region with an extraordinary amount of tourism. We offer you not only an investment with great prospects but also convenience. Buying a holiday home in Gelderland means investing in a vacation feeling! You can enjoy without worry while Hofparken provides an interesting return. You can't say no to that!

Our recreational homes in Gelderland

Investing at Hofparken Wiltershaar

Are you interested in buying a vacation home in Gelderland? Then you are facing an important choice! Hofparken sells luxury vacation homes on a quiet park in the middle of Winterswijk, Gelderland. The park is located in Kotten, near the German border. People come here from all over the Netherlands to enjoy beautiful Gelderland. The vacation park meets all the wishes and requirements that both holidaymakers and investors have today. At Hofparken Wiltershaar you invest in a beautiful home with an interesting future. In addition, Hofparken takes care of everything with its professional rental organization, which ensures that the occupancy rate is as high as possible.

Gelderland at its most beautiful!

If you decide to buy a recreational home in Gelderland, you naturally want to know in which area you are buying this recreational home. Hofparken Wiltershaar is situated at a fantastic location near the German border and is part of the municipality Winterswijk, which is part of the Gelderland region The Achterhoek. The fact that Winterswijk is at the heart of National Landscape Winterswijk, one of the twenty National Landscapes in the Netherlands, says a lot about the beauty of the landscape and cultural history in the area. In addition, there are countless things to do, such as canoeing, mountain biking, visiting stores and terraces, visiting museums, going to the playground, escaping from an escape room, or exploring the area on an E-chopper.

In short

  • Wellness facilities optional
  • In the hospitable Achterhoek
  • Near the German border
  • In the middle of nature

Park Wiltershaar - Gelderland

Like Sleeping Beauty, you could say Wiltershaar has been kissed awake. Featuring the Hofparken team as 'prince on the white horse'.
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Frequently asked questions

Is investing in recreational real estate still a good idea?

Yes, it is still smart and interesting to invest your wealth in recreational real estate. Partly because of the increase in the number of Dutch overnight stays, this does not seem likely to decline in the coming years.

What are the possibilities of buying a recreational home at Hofparken?

At Hofparken you can choose the way you want to invest in a recreational home. You can use your property for full personal use, personal use combined with rental or for full rental.

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