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Buying a holiday bungalow

Luxury vacation bungalows for sale

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Benefit from a fixed (net) return of 5.5% for the first 3 years
  • Sustainable bungalows for sale
  • Natural holiday parks in the Netherlands
  • Can be expanded with private wellness facilities
  • In-house rental agency

Buying a bungalow in the nature of the Netherlands

It goes without saying that you prefer to make your assets yield returns every year. A savings account no longer makes sense. Therefore, you may be looking at investing, but which form of investment? Buying a holiday bungalow in the Netherlands is a smart way to invest. Especially now, when vacations in our own country are more popular than ever. Moreover, a bungalow also offers you the opportunity to occasionally enjoy your second home in the middle of nature. At Hofparken you invest in and with a vacation feeling.

Our offered range of bungalows:

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The bungalows of Hofparken

At Hofparken you can buy a brand new recreation bungalow in locations with lots of nature in the Netherlands. The range of offers consists of 2-, 4- and 6-person bungalows in the more luxurious segement. What does this mean? All our bungalows are designed with beautiful and modern architecture, fully equipped, and luxuriously finished.

Sustainability and wellness

They also have a sustainable character: the homes do not use gas and have solar panels, a heat pump, and air conditioning. Looking for a little more luxury? If so, consider buying a vacation bungalow with a private sauna in your garden.

The advantages of Hofparken:

  • Attractive yield
  • Fixed underlying value
  • The luxury of a second home for private use
  • Notarized process & your property

De Bergvennen

The renovation by Hofparken makes it shine even more brightly as a sustainable vacation park that meets all desires and demands vacationers and investors currently have.


Like Sleeping Beauty, you could say Wiltershaar has been kissed awake. Featuring the Hofparken team as 'prince on the white horse'.

Buying a bungalow on a vacation park of Hofparken

At Hofparken we understand that location is very important. Therefore, you will find our offers feature holiday parks in the middle of nature and with a wide view. This allows you to enjoy your own bungalow in beautiful surroundings, but the tourist regions also make renting out your recreation bungalow very interesting.

    Attractive yield
    Limited risk
    Private use & letting
    Your property

Investing in and with a vacation feeling

This is what Hofparken makes possible, in a refreshing and sustainable way. Responding to the rapidly growing recreation market, we offer the opportunity to invest in the ultimate vacation feeling of others and yourself. Would you like more information about buying a vacation bungalow? Then please contact us or come see the park with your own eyes.

Frequently asked questions:

What makes buying a vacation bungalow so interesting?

The main reason is to make a smart investment : you can rent out your bungalow and earn a nice return in the long run. Yet you are not only reaping the benefits financially. After all, it is your own bungalow: you can rent it out whenever you want, but also not rent it out whenever you want. This way, you also have a wonderful place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

Why buy a bungalow at Hofparken?

Hofparken stands for sustainability: our earnings model for investors is transparent with sustainable vacation homes on private land. The rental organization takes care of the rental of your bungalow, you have real-time insight into the occupancy of your property and receive an interesting return. In addition, you can enjoy your own spot in nature for up to 3 months.

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