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Hofparken Verkoop
Buy a holiday home in Overijssel

Buy a holiday home in Overijssel

Bond fund already 80% filled
At De Bergvennen, you can now invest as little as €10,000 at a fixed interest rate of 6%. Be quick!
  • Luxurious and new holiday accommodations
  • Sustainable
  • Attractive yield
  • For private use or renting out

Holiday homes for sale in the Overijssel countryside

Are you considering buying a holiday home in Overijssel? Hofparken De Bergvennen is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and interesting spots: a brand new and luxurious holiday park that attracts tourists from all over the country and abroad. The park is located in Lattrop-Breklenkamp, right on the German border. The perfect location to enjoy Twente and all the beauty our eastern neighbors have to offer. It is the ideal location for buying a holiday home in Overijssel. As an investment, to enjoy for yourself, or as a combination of these options.

Buying a holiday home as an investment

Buying a holiday home in Overijssel as an investment is an excellent idea. In recent years, recreational real estate has proven to be an interesting investment opportunity with attractive returns. At Hofparken, we always describe it as investing in a holiday feeling: we take all the burden out of your hands, while generating an interesting profit for you.

Buying a holiday home to enjoy

Of course, you can also buy a holiday home in Overijssel for your personal use, i.e. to enjoy by yourself. Enjoy one of the most beautiful regions of the Netherlands. On the occasions when you are not renting out your holiday home, you can enjoy all the luxury that your holiday home has to offer for yourself.

The advantages of Hofparken:

  • Attractive yield
  • Limited risks & long-term stability
  • Fixed underlying value
  • The luxury of a second home for private use
  • Fiscally attractive: investments fall in box 3
  • Notarized process & your property
  • Competitive rates

Always your dream holiday home for sale in Overijssel

Hofparken offers a holiday home in Overijssel that is suitable for every need. You can choose from different types of homes of various sizes and in various price ranges. Whichever holiday home you choose, you will always benefit from a sustainable, beautiful and luxurious property that is in high demand with renters.

    Attractive yield
    Limited risk
    Private use & letting
    Your property

Investing in and with that holiday feeling

That is what Hofparken enables, in refreshing and sustainable ways. Responding to the rapidly growing leisure industry, we offer the opportunity to invest in the ultimate holiday feeling of others as well as that of yourself. Would you like more information about buying a holiday home in Overijssel? Then please contact us or come see the park for yourself.

Frequently asked questions:

Why buy a holiday home at Hofparken De Bergvennen?

De Bergvennen is located in a tourist area, just steps from the German border and within biking distance of towns such as Nordhorn, Ootmarsum, and Denekamp. In the east of beautiful Twente, you have the best of both the Netherlands and Germany at your fingertips. Moreover, the park is located in a Natura 2000 area.

What investment opportunities are available?

At Hofparken you can buy a holiday home in Overijssel as an interesting investment with a nice return.  We will then take care of everything for you. You can also choose to enjoy your holiday home yourself during the times when you are not renting it out.

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