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Invest in a vacation home

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Benefit from a fixed (net) return of 5.5% for the first 3 years
  • Attractive yield
  • Luxurious and sustainable vacation homes
  • For private use or renting out

Invest in a recreation home at Hofparken

Investing in a vacation home has always been a popular type of investment. The popularity has only increased over the last few years. That is not surprising. In a time where savings do not generate yields anymore and lots of investment options turn out to be rather risky and volatile, investing in a vacation home is not only an investment with a good chance of nice yields. You also profit in other ways. Are you interested in investing in a vacation home? Keep reading or contact one of our advisors. Hofparken offers highly attractive options.

The advantages of investing in a vacation home

Investing in a vacation home offers countless advantages. First of all, real estate, and especially recreational real estate, has proven to be a highly interesting way of investing money in recent years. Investing in a vacation home often differs from other types of investment through a high stability. You have a high chance of a nice, continuous yield. Vacation homes will always remain attractive. A secondary advantage of investing in a vacation is you do not only reap financial benefits from it. Even though the Hofparken vacation parks have an excellent occupancy level, you probably do not want to rent out your home 365 days a year. And you don't have to. Outside rental periods, you can also enjoy being in your vacation home yourself. You have a lovely spot for a short break or longer vacation. On your own, with friends, or with the family.

The advantages of investing at Hofparken:

  • Attractive yield
  • Limited risk
  • Long-term stability
  • Accommodation for recreational private use
  • Fiscally attractive
  • Notarized process & your property
  • Competitive rates

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Invest in a vacation home from Hofparken

So investing in a Hofparken vacation home is an interesting way of generating yields with your capital. You always invest in a modern, luxurious, and sustainable home. You also have a wide range of different vacation homes to choose from. You can always make a choice that perfectly matches you in terms of both budget and style and size.

Sustainable investing at Hofparken

Investing in sustainable recreational real estate offers many advantages. At Hofparken sustainability is a core concept which is listed in the vision and mission of our organization.
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Care-free investment through our professional rental agency

Since we have a professional rental agency, you do not need to worry at all about renting out your luxurious vacation home in Twente or in the Achterhoek. Our rental agency continuously optimizes the occupancy rate of your vacation home.
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Risks when investing in recreational real estate

Even though Hofparken works hard to reduce the risk and increase the yields as much as possible, every investment features risk. The same goes for investments in recreational real estate. At Hofparken we are clear about the risks.
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Contact us for more information

You can read more about the parks, homes, and opportunities on the website and in the brochure, which is available upon request for free and without any commitments. Would you prefer to talk to someone? You of course can. You are more than welcome to schedule a meeting with one of our advisors.  We will tell you all you want to know and will answer all your questions. Visiting the location is also possible.

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