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Buying a holiday home at Hofparken

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Benefit from a fixed (net) return of 5.5% for the first 3 years

Invest in your own recreation home

Buying a holiday home is a dream that many people have. Are you about to make that dream come true? Hofparken develops beautiful holiday parks with various luxury and sustainable holiday homes. Whether you want to buy a holiday home to enjoy for yourself, as an investment vehicle, or as a combination of both, we are confident that we can offer you interesting opportunities at one of our beautiful parks in the Netherlands. Hofparken offers luxury holiday homes in beautiful surroundings in the middle of nature in Overijssel and Gelderland. These regions are also popular with tourists from all over the country and abroad.  Holiday real estate has been proven over many years as a stable investment with a manageable risk profile and interesting returns. Curious about the possibilities? 



  • Appealing return
  • Limited risks
  • Combination renting out and personal use
  • Your property
  • Your property

Check out our offer:

Buy a holiday house in the Netherlands

Hofparken's vacation houses are located in quiet areas, in the middle in nature. Each vacation house is designed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, blending seamlessly into its natural surroundings. The sustainable vacation houses don't use any gas and are equipped with solar panels, a heat pump and good insulation material. When you buy a vacation house in the Netherlands, you aim for the ultimate vacation feeling. A stay at Hofparken offers not only an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, but also allows you to lose track of time for a while and get closer to each other. Both parks offer the opportunity for beautiful forest walks and bicycle rides, allowing you to experience nature in a unique way. In short, for those who want to buy a vacation home in the Netherlands, Hofparken is the ideal destination.

    Completely without use of gas
    Solar panels
    Heat pump
    Good insulation
    Waste water purification

In which province would you like to buy a holiday home?

Why buy a holiday home in the Netherlands at Hofparken?

Buying a holiday home in the Netherlands at Hofparken is very attractive due to the unique locations and high-quality facilities that Hofparken has to offer. Hofparken offers holiday home in various locations in the Netherlands, from the scenic countryside of the Achterhoek to the forests of Overijssel. You also do not have to worry about managing your property. We will take care of everything for you. From renting out the property to cleaning, maintenance, and more.  With us, you are sure to have a worry-free holiday experience. 

Some of the advantages of buying a holiday home at Hofparken are:

    Immediate attractive yield
    Unique locations
    Excellent service and maintenance

Buying a luxury holiday home at Hofparken

At Hofparken, you can buy a luxury holiday home. Holiday homes come in numerous types and segments. Our focus is on the luxury segment. With us, you are always guaranteed a modern, sustainable home with all the luxuries and beautiful architecture. Whether you go for a trendy tiny house or a spacious family home in between these.  Buying a luxury holiday home at Hofparken always means you are investing in a genuine holiday experience in a sustainable home at popular parks with very promising future prospects and an interesting expected return.

Are you interested in purchasing a holiday home? If so, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions and will take the time to discuss your needs and options. Start by requesting a no-obligation information brochure or feel free to contact us.

The advantages of investing at Hofparken:

  • Attractive yield
  • Notarized process & your property
  • Fiscally attractive: investments fall in box 3
  • Increasing value because demand exceeds supply
  • Long-term stability and a fixed underlying value


Hofparken Wiltershaar is located in Winterswijk. This holiday park is under construction but it is quite interesting for investors, as the holiday homes at Wiltershaar are already available for rent. Here you will often invest with an immediate return on your investment, as the rentals at Hofparken Wiltershaar are already running very successfully.

De Bergvennen

Hofparken De Bergvennen is located in Lattrop-Breklenkamp. This small-scale Hofparken holiday park is located in a Natura 2000 area, and the holiday homes there have been available for rent since April 2023. Hofparken De Bergvennen is also currently being constructed in phases, with each phase giving you the chance to invest in a holiday home that meets your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Why purchase a holiday home?

Typically, people buy a holiday home for two reasons: to have a place to unwind, or as an interesting investment with a nice return. Often it is a combination of the two reasons.

Are there any vacation rentals with wellness facilities for sale?

At Hofparken Wiltershaar, you can buy a vacation house with luxury wellness options. These vacation houses feature hot tub and optional sauna. The advantage of wellness properties is that they saw a 20% higher occupancy rate during the last operating year. In addition, hot tubs and saunas contribute to vitality, health and relaxation. 

Where would you like to buy a holiday home?

Would you like to buy a sustainable holiday home in a sustainable location? You can do so at Hofparken. We will be happy to tell you more about our parks ⤵ 

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