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Benefit from a fixed (net) return of 5.5% for the first 3 years
  • Invest in the future
  • Your own spot surrounded by nature.
  • Interesting returns

Investing in a sustainable holiday home at Hofparken

Anyone who wants to invest in a holiday home today probably looks at it in a different way than a few decades ago. For example, the interest in buying a sustainable holiday home has increased enormously. This means you are definitely not the only one. Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in our lives, including when it comes to holiday real estate. At Hofparken, we realize this better than anyone, which is why sustainability plays a prominent role in our holiday homes.  Our parks are located in beautiful green environments surrounded by nature. It goes without saying that sustainability is a part of that.  So would you like to buy a sustainable holiday home?  Contact one of our advisors or receive the brochure without any obligation and discover how Hofparken is committed to a sustainable future.

Sustainable holiday homes for sale at Hofparken

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Sustainability as a core value

Why a sustainable holiday accommodation? There are various arguments for why buying a sustainable holiday home is interesting right now.  More and more people base their choices on sustainability. This also applies to tourists looking for a holiday home to rent. They too are increasingly critical with regard to nature and the environment and are therefore more often looking for a sustainable holiday home to rent. By purchasing a sustainable holiday home, you are making an investment that will only benefit you in the future.  When investing in holiday property, returns are imporant too, of course. You want an investment that will pay for itself over time. The fixed and variable costs of a sustainable holiday home are lower than those of a home with a less sustainable character. This makes the purchase of a sustainable holiday home a stable investment aimed at the long term.

What makes Hofparken sustainable

    Completely without use of gas
    Solar panels
    Heat pump
    Waste water purification

Investing in and with a holiday feeling

With us, you will invest in the wonderful holiday feeling experienced by yourself, but also by others.  When you invest in a holiday home, it goes without saying that it is a great advantage if things are taken care of for you as much as possible. That is always the focus of Hofparken Sales. Investing in a sustainable home contributes to that. Especially when considering future maintenance. Purchasing a holiday home probably also means that you want to enjoy your holiday home in Overijssel or Gelderland yourself on a regular basis.  How great is it to know that you are enjoying a sustainable holiday home with a low ecological footprint?

Are you considering buying a sustainable holiday home? In that case, schedule a call with one of our advisors. We are happy to take the time to discuss your wishes and the associated options without any obligation. Hofparken Sales offers you numerous sustainable holiday homes for sale at various holiday parks in the Netherlands. There is always a perfect match. Want to view your future second home at Hofparken? Plan your visit!

The benefits of investing at Hofparken

  • Attractive yield
  • Limited risk
  • Long-term stability
  • Accommodation for recreational use
  • Competitive rates
  • Everything completely taken care of when letting
  • Fiscally attractive

You can buy a sustainable holiday home at these locations

What interested people asked us


Why should I invest in a sustainable holiday home?

The demand for sustainable holiday homes and parks is only increasing. If you choose to invest sustainably in a holiday home at Hofparken, you are making an investment that will greatly benefit you in the future. Moreover, the return is higher on sustainable holiday homes, because the costs are lower thanks to the much lower energy costs. 

What is being done in terms of sustainability at Hofparken?

The term sustainability is a core value that is reflected in our vision and mission. Our holiday homes are built with sustainable materials, do not use any gas, and are equipped with solar panels and a heat pump. This makes the holiday homes (almost) self-sufficient in terms of electricity use. We also like to give nature a helping hand at our parks: we take biodiversity into account in the construction and maintenance of our green areas and we encourage the use of electric cars.

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